Kindness Month Activities

Kindness Month Activities
Posted on 01/08/2018
Kindness Month Activities

Kindness Challenge Month

Wednesday, January 3rd

  • Spirit Day- It’s a new year and kindness is a gift, so tie it with a bow. Wear your favorite bow-tie, tie, clothes or accessories with bows.

Friday, January 5th

  • A kick-off assembly will be performed by the 8th graders.

  • 2:00-2:20

  • Enrichment video will be played

  • Spirit Day- Powered by Kindness- Dress like a Superhero

Monday, January 8th

  • Pennies for Pantry will begin for the Newton Food Pantry.

  • Paper strips in the classrooms to track acts of kindness

  • Kindness Station in auditorium theme (for the week): Thank a Family Member

Wednesday, January 10th

  • Spirit day- Let Kindness Shine- Wear sparkles, shiny things, neon etc.)

Friday, January 12th

  • Spirit Day- Accept Each Other's’ Differences and Mix it UP!

-Mix it up and say ¨hello¨ to someone you may not normally talk to- Wear a

Tee-shirt with a winter scarf. Wear mismatched socks. Wear those colors that

 normally don't go together. Have fun and BE CREATIVE!

Monday, January 15th

  • Kindness Station Theme (for the week)- Thank a Teacher

Wednesday, January 17th

  • Spirit day- “I Mustache You to be Kind”- Students will be provided with a sticky mustache

 Friday, January 19th

  • Spirit day- Words that Hurt Can't Be Taken Back- Backwards Day

Monday, January 22nd

  • Kindness Station theme (for the week)- Thank a School Staff Member

    • Custodians

    • Secretaries

    • Aides

    • Crossing guards

    • Cafeteria staff

Wednesday, January 24th

  • Spirit Day-Wild Wednesday- Go wild and compliment as many people as you can! Say hello, hold the door, clean up even if you did not make the mess! Liven up a dreary winter day by wearing your brightest and wildest outfit: wear a lime green shirt with bright orange socks. Wear an electric blue scarf with a bright pink shirt!

Friday, January 26th

  • Spirit Day- Be Kind to Your School- show your pride for Franklin School by wearing schools colors or your Ram Pride Spirit Wear

Monday, January 29th

  • Motivation Monday-  Wear something that has an inspirational or kind message. Some examples are ¨Go for it¨ or ¨Be YOU tiful.¨ If you don't have clothing with kind or inspiring words, creating your own kind message that you can wear on your shirt! (Option- classes can choose to make their own tee-shirts with inspirational messages as a class project)

Friday, February 2nd

  • Wrap Up Assembly

  • 2:00 in the auditorium- Slideshow and reflection on our month of KINDNESS!!