Strategic Plan

Franklin Boro School District

Strategic Plan 2024—2029

Goals & Objectives

Goal Area 1 - Educational Program:

Goal Statement -
: Maintain a well-rounded program of studies that meets the needs and interest of all learners so each student can reach their full potential. 
Objective 1 -. Provide a rigorous and meaningful academic program that is aligned to the NJSLS and the needs of students. 
Objective 2 -. Provide opportunities for students that promote academic, social and  emotional growth. 
Objective 3 - Collaborate with community partners to provide opportunities to expose students to life skills that promote future success. 

Goal Area 2 - Health and Wellness:

Goal Statement -
 Further develop a school-wide culture of wellness that supports the education of the Whole Child and prepares students for a successful future. 
Objective 1 - Offer a variety of opportunities and programming to develop age-appropriate social skills across all grade levels. 
Objective 2 - Provide high-quality professional development for staff to support best practices in sustaining a culture of wellness for students.
Objective 3 - .Provide opportunities for parents to be active partners with the school in promoting a culture of wellness for students both in school and at home. 

Goal Area 3 - Facilities:

Goal Statement -
 Ensure facilities continue to be safe, upgraded, and equipped with current technology to promote a conducive environment for learning and advancement. 
Objective: 1 - Continually update campus security and safety. 
Objective 2 - Continually maintain innovative technology. 
Objective 3 - Proactively anticipate facility needs